Friday, May 2, 2014

Racin' Weekend

Well I feel like you are all due an update on what's been going on in my life and since it is about to be ANOTHER weekend, I figured I better get on that!  

Last Friday, I was able to babysit Kristi and Mike's little girl, Bethany while they went out to dinner for Restaurant week.  Bethany was an angel and we had fun, we even took a selfie:

On Saturday, I had the morning to get some errands and projects done and then spent the afternoon/evening with 86,000+ other Richmonders for the NASCAR race.  We had a great time, unfortunately Denny Hamlin did not pull through with a win like I had hoped for, but it was still a beautiful night for some Racin' (as a random aside, while tailgating before the game, we ran into a Candian dad and son duo here for their first race and the dad asked if it was an accent why some people call it racin' and not racing.  I told him with all the pride I could muster that us southerners do not always see fit to put the 'G' on the end of things, in fact we aren't always just racin', sometimes we are grillin' or fishin'.  I thought it was funny that even people from other countries pick up on the subtleties of our unique language down south!)
Me and Kathryn

Sunset over the racetrack

Me and Andy (he is looking very much like a die hard race fan here)

Lap # 1

Kathryn and I with our headphones on (and my sweet American Flag Sunglasses compliments of Andy)

The group watching the race!

The rest of the weekend was equally as great, we had some beautiful weather and even enjoyed a cookout with friends on Sunday, though I do not have any photographic proof of that!  But it was just such a pleasant weekend, but did not prepare me enough for the rain we would have almost all week long!

Despite the rain and tornado threats, the show must go on, we had tickets to Wicked on Tuesday night, so Kristi, Anna, CJ and myself went to dinner before hand and then attended the show in our THIRD ROW seats!  It was a really good show, I think my expectations were up too high, but I enjoyed it nonetheless!

This weekend I am off to Norfolk again to see those cute little babies and Corbin, I literally cannot wait...8 hours and counting....

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