Monday, June 30, 2014

Baltimore Hon!

So it finally happened!  I cannot believe we finally made it work, Sara, Erica, Amanda and I have been planning to get together for a good 5 months or so, the first time I was supposed to go up there, we were expecting a big storm and I ended up staying in town (and of course, it did not snow a bit) and the second time, I got sick and was convinced I would be better for the weekend, but then this happened.  So this trip was literally a long time in the making, but timing worked out perfectly cause we were able to go up Sara's birthday weekend to celebrate with her!

We took some time to catch up and grab dinner on Friday at this Grilled Cheese place (sooo awesome!) then Saturday, Erica came into town and we did a little shopping (which is always the case), we hit up our favorite store, Trohv in Hampden and enjoyed a yummy dinner at a place that had record covers for menus (so cute!)

Throv display

More creative displays--it's meant to be a honeycomb in case you can't tell!

Channeling my inner nerd with a Star Trek record cover menu!

Saturday night we ended up playing loads of Hand and Foot and hanging out with Peanut (who dressed up for the occasion with his tie):

Then Sunday morning, it was time to get on the road, so we had an early lunch and then headed out, but not before snapping a few pictures (I feel as though everyone is gonna hate me for posting these)

Take that back, I doubt that Peanut minds much! 

It was not until it was too late that I realized we never got one of us all, I guess we will have to save that for next time!  I can't believe I have known these girls for almost 13 years now--time sure does fly!  Thanks for an awesome weekend ladies!

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