Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vacation Part I

Since I have all of about 5 committed readers, I thought I should get back to reporting the stories of my (sometimes boring, sometimes exciting) life!  And where better to pick up than vacation?  This is a travel blog after-all!  

Our journey starts the Saturday before Memorial Day, when the Bons and I left Richmond to head for Hilton Head Island for almost a week of fun in the sun!  The plan was for Allison and Jason to pick me up from the Island when we got there and I would head back to Charleston with them for a few days, coming back Monday evening when Andy and his friend got to town (and of course when Allison & Jason had to head back to work).  Follow along in pictures below....

No trip to South Carolina (on 95 anyway) is complete without the obligatory South of the Border pic!  Obviously Padro says Hola!

After getting in the car with Allison & Jason for the "quick" 2.5 hour drive back to Charleston, we caught up and grabbed some dinner and drinks (none for Mrs. Preggers) at a super yummy Mexican restaurant in Charleston, then headed back to their house for a relatively early bedtime!  Sunday we were up early for church, breakfast/lunch, then into the city for some touristy fun!  Allison and Jason gave many options of fun things to do, but me being the nerdy nerd that I am wanted to tour Fort Sumter, so off we went.
I have the best tour guide!

To get to Fort Sumter, you take a 20ish minute boat ride to the monument, we were some of the last people on the boat so we got to sit inside, where the air conditioner literally spilled a gallon of water out, and the carpet smelled of mildew--not a great start!  But I had two tour guides that were mapping out our post Fort Sumter tour time!

Jason & Allison diligently studying the map of Charleston
While they were mapping out our next steps, I was busy reading up on the history of Fort Sumter:

When we were coming up on the fort, we went out on the dock to see it in person and get some pictures!

It was cool to see this part of history!  I enjoyed learning about the battles fought here and to see this piece of our past.

I really only thought this picture was cool cause it looks like that dude is walking on the canon!

We snapped a few pictures and did a brief tour because we wanted to get back on the boat to grab some good seats on the way back!  Here I am with Ms. Allison and her cute pregnant belly!

Best Tour Guides in history!!!

Ummm hello!  This canon is so big, I wanted to get a picture next to it for size.  The best warning from the tour guide was to not put body parts or babies inside the canon because it could be dangerous!  It makes me wonder how many people have stuck their babies inside of the canon--why is this a warning?

We got back on the ship in time to get some bottles of water and great seats on the deck!

We had a great time at Fort Sumter and had even more fun after we finished the tour, so stay tuned for part two and three of vacation posts coming soon....

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