Monday, July 7, 2014

Allison's Baby Shower Recap!

I had the privilege to help Allison's mom with her baby shower!  Alisa was great and let me have a lot of creative freedom, so I went to town with a color scheme of pink, teal and white!  Before we get into the fun details, let's back up a little bit!  Allison and I met way back in the days of elementary school, I think it was about 4th grade to be exact!  We were going to the same church and were cheering for opposite schools at the time, but we have become lifelong friends!  Every time we see each other we pick right up where we left off and we don't even skip a beat!  It is a real privilege to have Allison in my life--she is a great friend and is going to make one amazing mother!  And it was my dear Allison that introduced me to Anna--so even though Allison is living in South Carolina now, I have a little piece of her here in Richmond (plus I mean the trips to visit her in South Carolina are pretty baller too!)

Anyway, on Saturday before the shower, Allison, Jason, Anna and I meet up for lunch at Plaza (our favorite Mexican restaurant), we had a blast!  As if I was joking when I said there is a little piece of Allison here in Richmond, just look at this picture and tell me who is who of these two (they have the same hair and are twining with their shirts!)

Allison or Anna??  Who is who??

I loved this candid shot of Allison and Jason at the restaurant--this sums up Allison for me!  She is super fun to be around and has a great sense of humor, we are always laughing when we are together!

Okay okay, back to the shower decorations and layouts!  I like doing parties on a budget; I think fun and cute can happen on the cheap!  So let's take a look at everything:

I made some tissue paper puffs in teal, pink and white for the entryway.  I used little pieces of blue paper and thread to string little rain drops coming down for each one:

For the table, I just used a white table cloth with a teal runner and dotted the table with leftover paper from the invites and scrapbooking just to tie everything together.  The centerpiece was some freshly picked Hydrangeas in pink, purple and blues.  

And of course pink napkins to match the teal plates and silverware.

We played one game (see below) and the prize was a pink candle wrapped up in a bag with left over tissue paper.

Just a few of my peonies survived long enough for the shower, so I put them on the favor table, along with a printable I made to match the invitations.

The favors were pretzel rods dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with pink colored chocolate and pink sprinkles.  The tag on the bag had a bible verse and reminded people to continue to pray for Allison, Jason and baby girl as she will make her grand entrance in just a few short months!

Alisa was sweet enough to pick up some fabric and make this adorable bunting that we hung up (and hopefully Allison can use for the nursery later):

The gift table had another printable with the same bible verse on the favors, just to tie everything together again:

We had a book out where people could write notes to baby girl that mommy and daddy can read to her as she grows up!

This table was for the game, which was a simple "What's in the purse game?"

I found a sample template online and recreated the game using Allison's color scheme in Publisher, it make it completely free!

This is the drink table (before everything got filled in), but we had pink lemonade, water and coffee, complete with pink, red and teal straws and another bunthing to match!

Alisa also made the adorable cake to match the invitations--so great!

Now onto the real fun--the people!  Here is Anna and Alisa, before everyone started showing up!

The food table set!  All the ladies of the church helped by bringing a dish to share (we had brie, ham rolls, veggie tray, spanakopita, fruit, etc)

Action Shots:

Allison opening presents:

Here is Allison with all the ladies reaching for the belly!

Allison & Anna:

3/4ths of the wolfpack:

Nicole, Allison, Anna and me:

Overall, it was a great time and a lovely afternoon to shower such a beautiful little family!  I can't wait to meet baby girl when she makes her big arrival!

What crafts have you done on a dime?  Will your next party have a theme, if so, what will it be?

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