Thursday, July 10, 2014

Emily's Baby Shower BBQ

To mix things up a bit, the following weekend CJ and I planned a co-ed baby shower BBQ for Emily and Kevin who are expecting their first little one in August.  Since they are waiting to find out the gender, we did gender neutral color scheme and kept the decorations on the lite side since we knew there would be a lot of food, booze and more food to go around!  The was my first co-ed baby shower, but it seemed to be a hit!  

I again used an invitation I found online as a template and recreated the piece to be unique to this shower in Publisher (I have taken out the personal information for obvious reasons).  

Since there were going to be a bunch of people there, we decided it would be easiest to do a dessert table and have lots of options, so we opted for a smaller cake and went with like 5-6 different dessert options, by the end of the night, the cake was still full entact--womp womp!

Here is CJ and Anna with her freeze pop!  YUM

Here is the group of G's!
G and baby G, G, G, little G, baby G

This is some baby love for sure, look at all those honorary "Aunties"

Since Tiffany is done with the baby stage, she passed down a few onesies from Corbin and the twins and we created a baby clothes line with bibs, hats and onesies for the little baby G when he or she arrives!

We had a lot of cookout themed stuff since we were grilling out, but this was a cool pinterest idea to keep silverware contained and together, we just used lunch bags and washi tape to create these cute holders.

For the favor, we decided to keep with the BBQ theme and do a sampling of spice rubs ( and of course created labels personalized to Emily & Kevin:

Overall the shower was a hit with about 60 people showing up total!  I think Emily and Kevin are starting to feel more ready for the baby now that they have all the "stuff" a baby needs, so we can just wait for another few weeks for little baby G's arrival!

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