Monday, July 21, 2014

First time at the track!

So for the past number of years, I have been hyping up Southside Speedway to my friends and I think Sara finally felt she needed to check it out for herself, so down to Richmond she traveled for what would hopefully be a night to remember under the lights at SSS!  

We snapped a few pictures before even going into the race, here Sara, Anna, and I are!

Sitting in our favorite spot, under Eddie Crouse!   We are so excited about the night ahead!

Another newbie--Kathryn made her debut appearance that night as well!  And CJ and Anna just keep coming back!

Sara was lucky enough to be at a race where Mr. Andy King himself decided to grace us with his presence!  I am telling you, its not easy to get this boy to cross the river, but apparently a combination of racin' and Sara will do the trick!

Emily and I have been coming to races for the past 3-4 years, so it is nice that our fan club has grown over the years!

Front Row: Kevin, Emily, Anna & CJ
Back Row: Jeff, Me, & Kathryn

Since, I know everyone is going to be dying to go to Southside Speeway now, feel free to check out their website and race schedule here.

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