Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sunday Funday

After I got back from Norfolk, I met up with Kathryn for a little thrifting!  Well it turns out, most thrift stores are actually closed on Sunday, so we were trying to think of something else fun to do, right as we drove past the Melting Pot.  I was asking Kathryn if she had every been and she suggested we make fondue for dinner that night.  Well as you can imagine, I was excited about trying something new and so off we went to the grocery store!

Kathryn trying on a sweet 80's prom dress!

We did make cheese fondue too, but I did not get any pictures, so onward to the meal....
Chicken marinading

Kathryn marinated the chicken in some great sauce for about an hour while we prepared the cheese fondue and cubed bread and fruit for later!   It was so fun to see everything work and to sit there and watch our little chicken cubes sizzle!
Chicken getting cooked!

A quick video of said Chicken!

And for dessert, we made chocolate dipped strawberries, which were absolutely amazing!  It was a fantastic time and a great day of fun and fellowship!

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