Monday, July 14, 2014

Trip to Norfolk -- Part 2!

Well let's pick up where we left off and that is Saturday morning, the day of the yard sale!  I helped to get the babies ready and that meant picking out clothes for the day, you might be able to tell from the below picture that I would have a hand in selecting their outfits:

Why thank you, Garrett!

When the initial rush of people had come through, Tiffany was handling the hard sale on her own, so Josh and I took all the kiddos to the playground, where we did some swinging and playing for about an hour before heading back home!
Just a little Saturday Selfie action!

On Sunday, I had to be back at church in Richmond at 8:45, so I was up early to be able to leave about 6:30.  But we did the 11 month photo op before I headed out of town!

G is getting good at jumping!

Holden was mostly all smiles!

It seems my phone wanted to get in on all the fun too, since it decided to do a little google awesome action on some of my pictures:

Love this face!

and this one too!

and this one too!!!

G does not seem too sure about Auntie Lala leaving....

It does not take the kiddos very long before they realize they can peal the stickers off....

Corbin did not want to get in too many pictures, but he finally let me snap one just before I was headed out the door....

I miss them already, I cannot wait until the next trip (whenever that may be)....

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