Thursday, July 31, 2014

We survived Lake Gaston!

So the title may be a little severe, but with the rest death of a young Richmond guy in early July and a drowning of a Virginia Beach man the weekend that we were there, it seems a bit triumph that we all made it back to Virginia safely (and for that I am super grateful)!

Well at Emily's baby shower, I may have just attempted to invite us down to the lake!  Gail and John are ever so hospitality so I think they were happy to oblige and off we went two weekends ago to Lake Gaston!  

No car ride is complete without a Google awesome compilation of selfies, right?

But in case you are interested in the still version, here you go:

We successfully made it to the state line and stopped to snap a quick picture as well:

Well the weather was not July-ish at all, but we still got some fun time of fellowship, hammock swinging, boat ride (albeit wrapped under multiple towels) and golf carting!  What we did not do was any swimming--it was chilly in the morning and by the afternoon, we were partying with the whole family to celebrate the coming arrival of Emily and Kevin's baby!

Here are the best 3 "aunties" in the making:

Kevin & Emily
 We ended the evening with a fireworks display and sparklers!  Here we are attempting to make the word LOVE with a heart at the end!  I was hoping that if we took enough shots it would kinda just appear, but 487 shots later and nothing, but we had fun anyway!

After waking up Sunday morning and taking it easy, we got on the road relatively early and made it back to good old VA with plenty of time for Sunday happenings around Richmond!

Where have your travels taken you recently?  Have you survived Lake Gaston as well?

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