Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Favorite #6 (aka Hokie Edition)

So Hokie football is getting ready to kick off tomorrow and in celebration of that, I have decided to do all Virginia Tech things on this Friday Favorites post.  I hope you are as excited as I am for some Hokie football!

1. Maroon and Orange Flats ($55): Though these are a little high priced, they are super cute for the fashionable hokie lover!  Orange and Maroon striped flats!  What will they think of next?
2. Hokie Tervis Tumbler ($23): I might have a slight obession with 24 oz Tervis Tumblers (I have 5!!) but they are perfect for me to get in my daily recommended water intake at work and double bonus--right now you can save $5 off the 24 oz collegiate ones, which means it is only $18!!
3. VT subway art ($15+): So I have to confession, I just came upon this during my searching but I think it is the perfect addition to any Hokie household!!!
4. Virginia Tech Silver Earrings ($28): These are a bit understanded than the normal orange and maroon, but still show some great hokie love!  They are a perfect gift for the new freshman or for the hokie mom in your life!
5. Hokie Infinity Scarf ($28):  This is perfect for those cooler games later in the season!  Who doesn't love an infinity scarf and with Hokie spirit to boot!  What a great way to support the local team and an Etsy creator!
6. Maroon Effect Shirt ($14):  All the Hokie fans will be sporting this shirt for the October 23rd game so make sure to get your annual maroon effect shirt (they have orange effect too, but I always like the maroon ones better!)
7. Orange and Maroon Rosette Headband ($6): This is oh so cute and so me!  I do not yet have it but am seriously contemplating getting one!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Take me out to the Ball Game...

It had been ENTIRELY too long since I went to see our local hometown heroes, the Richmond Flying Squirrels, so in August, a group of us finally make the time to get to a game!  After watching for fly balls, entertaining a baby a few rows up and enjoying a few beers (only some of us took part), we left about 5 innings in--it was a work night after all, but not before snapping a few memories:

The Diamond!

Bible Study Love!

The crew!

I am not sure we could have picked a better night, the weather was good, the company was fantastic and the crowd was energetic!  Hope you get to see some baseball before the summer is over!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday Favorites #5

Happy Friday Favorite after my birthday!  That's right yesterday I turned the big 3-1!  Craziness, I tell you! Anyway, enjoy this rendition:

1. H&M glass vase ($10): So this one blew my mind this week as I just found out that H&M now has a home store!  Did other people know this and I am out of the loop?  Love a lot of the selections there and love the prices!
2. Peacock Pillow ($30): World Market has like 90% of everything that I think is so beautiful whilst decorating.  This peacock pillow is no exception.  It is beautifully embroidered and has a bright teal back, check it out--it is super cute!
3. Teal Patio Set ($229): So despite the fact that Target is strewn with Back to school things, I refuse to believe that summer is coming to an end, instead, I am still excited about cute patio furniture for the many more cookouts that are still left to be had (no snow, please!)
4. Handmade printables (free): I love these printables and will likely use some for Christmas gifts, so pretend like you did not see them :)  Plus, you can NEVER beat FREE!
5. Stack Ice Cream Scoop ($16): So I really do not get ice cream much at home (I generally hit up Gelati Celesti if I am in the mood for ice cream), but this is so cute and so perfect for ice cream sandwiches, banana splits, or just filling a cone with a perfect scoop!  Plus they have it in PINK!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Summer Fun continues....

So as I introduced in this post, I got the Decide Now app!  So to continue our summer of fun, we went blueberry picking:

We hit up Swift Creek Berry Farm which is just minutes from my house and they had a ton of blueberries and at just over $2 a pound, it was way cheaper than the grocery store!  Just look at all those berries:

 Here is Kathryn picking berries:
 Here is CJ picking berries:

 And here I am:

After picking, we came back home for hot dogs on the grill and fresh homemade vanilla ice cream, with a blueberry syrup--it was delicious!  I have since also had fresh blueberries multiple days for lunch and made two rounds of blueberry cobbler!

It is hard to believe summer is coming to an end and we are no longer going to be getting the best fruit selection (I am a berry lover, so summer really is my favorite fruit season!), but I am trying to savor the last few days!

1 year of twinning

So for me, it is hard to believe that the twins have already made it to a year; however, I think my sister and Josh are feeling like it has been about 5 years coming!  The big one year celebration was marked by lots of colors, lots of friends and family and lots of fun and food!  My sister created a pinterest board with ideas for the babies birthday and I went off of it to create the party!  Enjoy the overload of pictures below:

First things first, the invitation!  Tiffany found a few she liked and so I took the ideas and recreated it (using Publisher, of course--that is where I do all my design work).  Printed it on card stock, cut it out and saved about $15 in the process versus buying custom made invitations!

Here are the rest of the "summer fun" decorations:
Can you guess who is holding the ball in the above picture?  The boys are sometimes looking more alike than others!

handmade cupcake toppers

The James' brought a bubble machine and it was a big hit!

A year of pictures!

Well that wraps up the decorations, now onto the best part: pictures of the little ones!

Google Awesomed my pictures!

Stan and Gwen with Holden!

What a precious face!

A boy after my own heart--he loves the pretty bows!

They start them young at the Jame's house!

Josh's reaction to Andy's present to the twins--a growler & Starbucks gift card!!

Dairy& Soy Free Cupcakes for the 1st birthday!

Garrett is unsure what to think!

Holden is on board with it!

Corbin got a special Olaf cupcake from Auntie Lala

Holden man on a walk after the party to calm down for bedtime!  Sweet cuddles with grandma!

They spent the next morning opening presents!

Dude loves new toys!

This little stacking blocks has entertained Holden so much!  

Odds 'n' ends

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend and a great party with friends and family celebrating!  Next up Corbin's 4th birthday in just over a month!!