Wednesday, August 20, 2014

1 year of twinning

So for me, it is hard to believe that the twins have already made it to a year; however, I think my sister and Josh are feeling like it has been about 5 years coming!  The big one year celebration was marked by lots of colors, lots of friends and family and lots of fun and food!  My sister created a pinterest board with ideas for the babies birthday and I went off of it to create the party!  Enjoy the overload of pictures below:

First things first, the invitation!  Tiffany found a few she liked and so I took the ideas and recreated it (using Publisher, of course--that is where I do all my design work).  Printed it on card stock, cut it out and saved about $15 in the process versus buying custom made invitations!

Here are the rest of the "summer fun" decorations:
Can you guess who is holding the ball in the above picture?  The boys are sometimes looking more alike than others!

handmade cupcake toppers

The James' brought a bubble machine and it was a big hit!

A year of pictures!

Well that wraps up the decorations, now onto the best part: pictures of the little ones!

Google Awesomed my pictures!

Stan and Gwen with Holden!

What a precious face!

A boy after my own heart--he loves the pretty bows!

They start them young at the Jame's house!

Josh's reaction to Andy's present to the twins--a growler & Starbucks gift card!!

Dairy& Soy Free Cupcakes for the 1st birthday!

Garrett is unsure what to think!

Holden is on board with it!

Corbin got a special Olaf cupcake from Auntie Lala

Holden man on a walk after the party to calm down for bedtime!  Sweet cuddles with grandma!

They spent the next morning opening presents!

Dude loves new toys!

This little stacking blocks has entertained Holden so much!  

Odds 'n' ends

All in all, it was a fabulous weekend and a great party with friends and family celebrating!  Next up Corbin's 4th birthday in just over a month!!

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