Thursday, August 7, 2014

A trip to one of my favorite places!

I don't have to go to Italy, France, across the country or around the world to find one of my all time favorite places to be!  I just have to drive east for about 2 hours and I am there!  And that place is Bavon Beach!  A small community in Matthews county (where the population is just under 9,000); I grew up on this beach and it will forever hold a special place in my heart!  Since my parents sold their house years ago, I now get to go down to visit my Aunt and Uncle's place, so the Bons and I normally pick a weekend each summer to make the trek!  The weekend is always relaxing yet somehow also packed full of fun!  We go yard-saling, lay on the beach, take walks and sometimes take in the thunderstorm by the water.  

Bavon Beach is located right next to the New Point Comfort Lighthouse (hence the welcome sign below), so it is always a nice view to take it to see the towering lighthouse on the drive in.  

On Saturday morning we got up early and went to some yard sales (where I scored a lamp for my bedside table for 50 cents and a Fossil leather purse for just $2), then we checked out a few thrift spots in the area and came across this little fellow here, who really really wanted to come home with us!

I love the little community in Matthews and the beautiful little touches everywhere, for example, this stain glass below of the water-men at work!

Here is the group right in the main drag of Matthews:
Uncle Jerry, Aunt Gloria and Bons

After some shopping in the morning, we went back home for an early lunch and a few hours on the beach because the sky started turning dark grey.  We headed back to the house, showered (in the outdoor shower, no less) then sat on the porch and took in an afternoon thunderstorm, afterwhich we saw this beautiful rainbow....

or two!  (can you see the faint second rainbow below?):

Since the rain decided to stick around, we got up Sunday morning and got on the road about 9:30, but not before getting a picture for the road:

Thanks for the memories again, Bavon (well and of course Uncle Jerry & Aunt Gloria!!)

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