Friday, August 29, 2014

Friday Favorite #6 (aka Hokie Edition)

So Hokie football is getting ready to kick off tomorrow and in celebration of that, I have decided to do all Virginia Tech things on this Friday Favorites post.  I hope you are as excited as I am for some Hokie football!

1. Maroon and Orange Flats ($55): Though these are a little high priced, they are super cute for the fashionable hokie lover!  Orange and Maroon striped flats!  What will they think of next?
2. Hokie Tervis Tumbler ($23): I might have a slight obession with 24 oz Tervis Tumblers (I have 5!!) but they are perfect for me to get in my daily recommended water intake at work and double bonus--right now you can save $5 off the 24 oz collegiate ones, which means it is only $18!!
3. VT subway art ($15+): So I have to confession, I just came upon this during my searching but I think it is the perfect addition to any Hokie household!!!
4. Virginia Tech Silver Earrings ($28): These are a bit understanded than the normal orange and maroon, but still show some great hokie love!  They are a perfect gift for the new freshman or for the hokie mom in your life!
5. Hokie Infinity Scarf ($28):  This is perfect for those cooler games later in the season!  Who doesn't love an infinity scarf and with Hokie spirit to boot!  What a great way to support the local team and an Etsy creator!
6. Maroon Effect Shirt ($14):  All the Hokie fans will be sporting this shirt for the October 23rd game so make sure to get your annual maroon effect shirt (they have orange effect too, but I always like the maroon ones better!)
7. Orange and Maroon Rosette Headband ($6): This is oh so cute and so me!  I do not yet have it but am seriously contemplating getting one!

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