Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Favorites #2

Back again with another edition of Friday Favorites!  Let's check out what I am crushing on these days:

1. Cooking Measurement Conversion Chart (free printable): I have not yet used this in my kitchen but think it would be a great addition to the inside of a cupboard!
2. Virginia cutting board ($20): or $15 with the use of a $5 off coupon from Bed, Bath and Beyond!  I got one and I love the Virginia pride and it is a good solid wood cutting board (make sure to treat it and never use it for raw meat)
3. Threshold Corkboard Wall Decor ($10): I love this as a great addition to any kitchen or entry way as a little keep all for small things!  Well made and very rustic looking!
4. Marquette Bed ($200): Though $200 is not cheap by any means, it is a reasonable price for a solid bed frame and the reviews on this are outstanding!  Who knows, maybe one day soon this will be in my house!
5.Hide and Hug Olaf ($15): I thought I would jump on the Frozen bandwagon with this cutie!  It  might be a little early for Christmas shopping but if not, this would be a perfect add on to the Frozen lover in your house!
6. "Laughter" Multi-colored bracelet ($17): This is by far my favorite thing yet!  I own one and although I rarely ever wear jewelry, it makes the rounds at least once a month!  These bracelets (and necklaces) are made by women from Uganda.  Amazima is an organization started by Katie Davis in Uganda to help empower women to overcome life's hardships and work to support their family.  The women in this program are paid fair wages and given financial training and are encouraged (and even checked up on) to make sure they are saving money.  All pieces are handcrafted and solid pieces of art and at a price tag of less than 4 Starbucks coffees!  What else can you buy for under $20 that does so much?  If you aren't interested in jewelry, check out the website for more information about the organization!

What items are you loving these days?  What are some organizations you love to support?  Let me know!

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