Friday, August 8, 2014

Friday Favorites #3

Back again for another rendition of Friday Favorites!  It seems that I was going with a pink theme this week, which fits since it is my favorite color!

1. Unbroken Book ($15.50, or free if you can snag it from your library!): Seriously, this is one of the best books I have ever read and lucky for us, the movie comes out later this year, so get your read on BEFORE you see the flix (you know the book is going to be better anyway!)  One thing to note: it starts a little slow, but hang tight it gets real good before it's all over.
2. The Big Bang Theory Clue Game ($39): This one is for all you BBT fans out there, I just see the conclusion now: Sheldon in the laboratory with the train set, or some other crazy shenanigan!
3. Fitbit Zip ($59.95): So this is a long time coming, I have had my fitbit zip for months now, so long in fact that I just had to change the battery the other day!  I am not going to say it has totally made me step obsessed, but I am definitely striving for more steps than before!  I get motivated to do things so I can get more steps in before bed, so it is working for me!
4. Initial Free Printable (FREE): Alright alright, so this is actually supposed to be framed art for a nursery, but I really think it could be for a cute gallery wall too!  And it's free, so you really aren't out anything if you never use it!
5. Banded Headbands ($10-$13):  Well last week, I touched on Amazima, an organization I love and support!  Well now they are teaming up with Banded!  For each headband purchased, Banded contributes 3 meals to people in the Amazima community!  Who knew head gear could go so far!  I am particularly crushing on the wide navy birds one!
6. United States Cookie Cutter ($4): And if my love for all things maps and travel is not already apparent, let's add a cookie cutter to the mix!  At only $4, its a cute way to introduce kids to geography!  Or even adults, if they need a refresher course that is :)

I am always interested to hear what products you all are loving, so let me know if you have any good ones!

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