Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday Favorites #4

So I know it has been quiet this week on the blog, that is because my nephews and sister were in town and the name of the game was SURVIVAL MODE!  So I will be back next week with a few more posts and a number of shots of those cuties in action!

1. Toms Natural Destination Shoes ($54):  So I am super crushing on these, but unfortunately they are sold out in a number of sizes, but I got my eyes on them when they get back in stock!  I feel like they would be perfect for trips :)
2. Portable Turntable ($83): It's time to bring back the good old days with this record player!  Who doesn't love the sound of vinyl (and hey, records sell for like 25 cents at the local Goodwill, so music will be a steal)
3. Love the Journey Printable (FREE):  I love free printables and this one is capital C--CUTE!  If you don't like that particular design, no worries, they have a number of other options!
4. Okay, okay so I cannot find the link for these green pants, but how cute are they?  My friend Erica (I think) pinned them on pinterest and I just like they are so versatile so I am loving them and am now on a quest for green pants!
5. Virginia is for Lovers Pillow ($26.50): So I got this a few weeks ago from Etsy and love it as much in person as online!  A few disclosures: first, it says ready to ship in 1-2 weeks, DO NOT believe that!  It took forever to get here and I even emailed but no response!  But finally I got an email that it had shipped and then the pillow was so cute!  But if you need it for a gift, allow AMPLE time!  And secondly, the red heart can be sewn on wherever you like, I, of course chose Richmond, but make sure to note where you want it placed!

Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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