Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Proper Pie Company

So, a few weeks ago, Kathryn and I went thrifting and then made fondue, well it was that night that we decided we would make a list of fun things we wanted to do, so in an effort to cross some things off the list, I used the app Decide Now and created a spin wheel of all the things we should do!  Sooo, this leads us to lunch at Proper Pie!  Lucky for us we went on August 3rd, the last day they were open before being closed for an entire month!  Proper Pie is this adorable tiny restaurant in Church Hill with a line out the door of people.  They serve meat pies and sweet pies, so we all got something different and tried each other's out!  

The map on the wall at Proper Pie

My lunch: a BBQ pork and peaches pie
 After grabbing out pies to go, we headed to a park near by and had a little picnic pie lunch overlooking the beautiful city of Richmond!  For all you Richmonders, this is definitely a place to check out when they open back up on September 4th!!!

CJ and Kathryn enjoying their picnic pies!

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