Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Summer Fun continues....

So as I introduced in this post, I got the Decide Now app!  So to continue our summer of fun, we went blueberry picking:

We hit up Swift Creek Berry Farm which is just minutes from my house and they had a ton of blueberries and at just over $2 a pound, it was way cheaper than the grocery store!  Just look at all those berries:

 Here is Kathryn picking berries:
 Here is CJ picking berries:

 And here I am:

After picking, we came back home for hot dogs on the grill and fresh homemade vanilla ice cream, with a blueberry syrup--it was delicious!  I have since also had fresh blueberries multiple days for lunch and made two rounds of blueberry cobbler!

It is hard to believe summer is coming to an end and we are no longer going to be getting the best fruit selection (I am a berry lover, so summer really is my favorite fruit season!), but I am trying to savor the last few days!

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