Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Anna's birthday celebration

You may remember, Anna had a birthday, but let's reverse a few weeks to talk about the celebration!  Three of the four of us G's got together to celebrate with her (Emily recently had a baby, so she was out for the evening), but we got to take Anna to a new Italian Restaurant and celebrated afterward with Frozen cupcakes, because what birthday is now complete without a little Olaf?  (Anna, of course, got the Ana cupcake!)

So if you have followed this blog long enough you know that Anna and I always get Mexican food together!  Always some margaritas with a side of tortilla chips, salsa and chicken tacos!  Well since Anna's big present was a ticket to the "So You Think You Can Dance" show in December, I wanted to get her a little something else--just something to open on her birthday!  Well  I found this adorable pinata and filled it with candy because Hello!  It reminds me of our Mexican dinner dates!  Well I told Anna her gift was just a small thing that made me think of her and here is a few pictures that capture what she thinks of that...

After a little more explaining I think she finally came around, who wouldn't love this cute little thing:

Overall, it was a fantastic night with some of my favorite friends!  Where else can you find 2 other girls equally as excited about Pinata's and Frozen plastic rings?

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