Wednesday, September 10, 2014

August Shenanigans

Holy Cow Batman, it has been way too long since I posted!  In short, life has been busy, so let's do a brief catch up:

To round out the summer, Anna and I went to our last Southside Speedway race of the year in early August, where we got to see this:

Two cars hooked together and one basically up on the wall!

Race Selfie!

Zoom Zoom

Then in mid-August, I had a birthday (the big 3-1!!!), so there was some celebrating with mexican food (YUM), margaritas, presents, friends, more dinners, and babies!!  What's that? Yup the day before my birthday my friend Emily welcomed her first baby into the world, little Caleb, so I got to stop by on the evening of my birthday to meet the little guy--what a sweet birthday!

Andy meeting me and Bons for a birthday dinner on his sweet new ride!

Our last picture with Emily before she had baby Caleb!

I also got to experience Wine & Design for the first time with my bible study, we painted the "Perky Peacock" which is now so gracefully hanging up in my room!

All in all, August was fun but went by way too quickly!  I also got to enjoy a week of having Tiffany and the kiddos in town while Josh was away for business, so stay tuned tomorrow for a post with some cute nephew pictures (post has been complete and uploaded)!

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