Monday, September 15, 2014

Happy Birthday Anna!

It seems I am getting better at this thing!  Last year for Anna's birthday, I was 5 days late posting!  Then for CJ's birthday, I was 6 days late posting!  So the fact that I am only 1 single day behind this year means we are headed in the right direction!

I can still so vividly remember officially hanging out with Anna when she first moved to Richmond!  My friend, Allison, had give me a few things to get to her and I never really thought our one night out to dinner would morph into the friendship we have today.  I figured we could be acquaintances, maybe see each other in passing once and a while (mostly when Allison came to town to visit), but we have become so much more than that, and I am forever grateful for the simply little pressure from Allison to meet up with Anna!  Our first meal together in Richmond was at Nacho Mama's and it seemed to set the tone of our friendship--from then on out we would bond over Mexican food, unlimited tortilla chips and Margaritas!  LOTS OF MARGARITAS!

Sometimes we may even have 1 too many margs...then we often enjoy walks around Target as we sober up1

We love to tell the story of when she first started coming to my small group and I introduced her to everyone as my best friend (only really having ever meet her like 4 times in my life), well best friends we have become and it has been a wonderful adventure so far!

Allison made have brought us together as friends, but a love for margaritas, adventure, travel, accessories, decorating and fashion have helped to establish a lifetime friendship!  Anna is such a great encourager and can always have a positive spin on difficult situations!  She is not afraid to speak her mind, but is also always willing to listen and offer help as needed.  She has an awesome heart for the Lord and that has helped me over the years as we talk about and discuss various issues!  It is great to be able to call her my sister in Christ!

It is crazy for me to think about us back like 6-7 years ago when we first met (we were such babies), but I think that is also just a testament to how far we have grown and matured over the years and our friendship has only gotten stronger...

Jason Mraz concert!

Fast Forward 7 years and we are still going strong and are still young at heart!

Happy Birthday to one of the most fashionable girls I know!  You will always be the Carrie to my Charlotte!  I hope this year is the best yet! Love you Anna Banana!

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