Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Walk this way...

Well back in early September, Amanda came into Richmond to spend the night because the next day we were going to see Aerosmith in concert in Bristow, VA with CJ!  Well we had quite the time, we got up and got ready and got on the raod early for a little outlet and Ikea action in Woodbridge, VA.  Then we meet up with Erica for lunch before heading over to the concert.  It was in an open field, and I swear there was thunderstorms basically all around us and my biggest concern was where do we go in the event of lightning--but the rest of the crowd did not seem to be as concerned.

The opener for Aerosmith was Slash, but they did not use the video screens for him so it was really really hard to see anything!

Getting ready to jam out:

Obviously we were a little ways back from the stage but it was still a good show and I especially enjoyed knowing so many of their songs!

We lucked out, it really looked like we were going to get the rain dumped on us but it really only rained a little bit and we were throughly prepared with our IKEA rain ponchos (which I convinced everyone to buy)

After the show, we headed back home and stopped at the rest stop to snap a quick picture with the LOVE signs!!  We made it home pretty late, about 1am, but it was a fantastic day and a great weekend!

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