Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A trip to Norfolk and Corbin's 4th birthday!

You may remember that the Twin's turned one about two months ago, well we had another birthday to celebrate and it was Mr. Corbin's!  Last year we celebrated with Disney Cars, well this year we celebrated with Disney Planes!  Moving on up in the world!  I took off a Friday from work so we could get down there and spend some time since we had to leave right after his birthday on Saturday.  It is always so precious to just spend time around these cuties and since pictures are about a thousand times better than my typing, here it goes:



Some park time with the birthday boy!

This was the best attempt at trying to get a group picture

Holden laughing at me for thinking I could get said picture

Twin talk--what secrets are they discussing?

Gaga and Holden

Just out for a little ride

To celebrate Corbin's birthday, Gaga and I took him to Toys R Us where he got to pick out some new toys (Olaf did not make the cut, but the picture was too cute not to post!)

After Toys R Us, we went to Chick Fil A

Look at that happy face!

Corbin was playing invisible here, so although it was hard to lay back, you had to act like he was not there--Bons has this down!

A boy, his birthday toy and an ice dream cone!

Whoops, what is that on G's head?  Yup that happened on Auntie Lala's watch when he was running on the blacktop and took a tumble!  

On the way to the birthday party, making faces!

Granddaddy and GG

Grandaddy and Grandma with Holden-man!

Dusty Cake!

Blowing out the candles!

Family Photo!

Bounce House Fun

Oh Hey Auntie Cakey!

And Uncle Andy

Snuggles with the birthday boy just as we were leaving

He is a cutie!  I cannot wait to see where this year takes him!
Nothing like a weekend with 3 boys under the age of four to make you realize how much energy I lack!  But that never stops me from visiting--see yall again in a few weekends!

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