Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A weekend away in the Valley!

So our friend Aubrey was going to marry her love, Graham and us ladies thought if we are going to Harrisonburg anyway for the wedding, let's make a whole weekend out of it and spend some time in the Shenandoah Valley!  So we did just that, we rented a little cottage from VRBO and enjoyed a weekend away from Richmond!  

First things first, priorities people, priorities!  We all left work early and made sure to hit up Bold Rock to taste and tour the cidery!  If you have a love for hard cider and Virginia, you should totally make the trip--this is some of the best in my opinion!  Not too sweet, and just perfect!  So perfect in fact that CJ and I both got cases to take home with us!

We then stopped for dinner at The Depot in Staunton, VA!  One of my favorite restaurants in the area because, get this, the restaurant is inside an old train depot!  Not to mention the food is super yummy and decently priced!  

We were up super early on Saturday to meet my friend Amanda and to tour Luray caverns!  I had been a number of times but wanted some of the girls to experience it as well!  

The caverns were just as beautiful and wonderful as I remember them to be!  It always amazes me at the beauty that is found just in nature alone and these magnificent caverns are a wonderful reminder of that beauty!

Ice cream Cone!

Fried Eggs!

After the caverns, we went to a book sale and then meet back up with Amanda for a quick lunch in Staunton at The Pampered Palate, which was a super cute cafe type restaurant that I would also recommend if you find yourself in the area!  We also stopped by Sunspots right quick to see some glass blowing, but did not have time for much shopping because we had to go back to the house and get ready for the wedding!

It was fun to see friends at the wedding and just to take in the beautiful landscape and setting!  Aubrey and Graham could not have done a better job on the planning!  It suited their personalities just perfectly and it was a joyful celebration with lots of wine, dancing and fun!

Mr. and Mrs. Stoll

The cover to the CD we each got--which by the way has basically been playing non-stop in my car!

Such a beautiful bride!!!

The wedding did have to end eventually but not before we send them off with sparklers!  

After the fun and festivities, we went back to the cabin for some much needed sleep before getting up and packing up the next day!  We were on our way to more adventures, starting with apple picking at Carter Mountain!  We got the obligatory apple cider donut and picked some apples (Kathryn picked a ton of apples, but CJ and I did not get as many!)  

After apple picking we stopped by our favorite sandwich shop in C-ville, called BellAir Market, it is this little gas station with a sandwich shop attached and they crank out some awesome eats, next time you are there, try the Farmington, you will NOT be disappointed!

We then ended the weekend with a stop at Grayhaven Winery to sample some yummy wines and unbeknownst to us at the time to pet some horses!  They have horses just randomly around the vineyard to keep the grass low so we were able to get right up next to a number of them as they grazed the field!  

It was a fantastic weekend with some wonderful friends and I enjoyed every minute of it!  Have you ever turned an out of town wedding into a fun weekend away?  What did you do--I'd love to know!

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