Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Babies Galore!

I think it is the season of life I am in, but I sometimes feel like there are babies everywhere and if you know me, you know that is NOT a bad thing!  I got to love on and spend time with my nephews and Bethany for the last year as they went from babies to quite active toddlers, so it seems fitting that just as they are aging out of the "baby stage," two of my good friends have babies too!  

My friend, Allison was in town for a wedding just weeks after her little girl was born so I got to love up on her while spending time with my bestie!  

Simply Precious!

Showing off the new clothes Bons and I got for her!

It is fun to have a girl to buy PINK clothes for!

And then my friend, Emily had a little baby boy about 2 months ago now, so I have gotten to spend a little time with him and her as well, especially since they are only about 10 minutes away!  As an added bonus, he was born the day before my birthday, so I spent my birthday visiting them at the hospital!

You may remember the baby showers for both girls were featured in my blog as well, you can find them here: Allison's Shower and Emily & Kevin's Shower

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