Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Another trip to Norfolk!

I would ask if my trips to Norfolk ever get old, but then I come back with adorable pictures of the cutest nephews ever so I would say that it probably makes up for almost monthly posting of Norfolk!  This time you are in for a special treat, because my trip down there was complete with the twin's Halloween costumes--which I happened to pick up at Once Upon a child, where I got both of them for just $11!

I took a video of them, which apparently I switched the camera halfway through, so for that I apolgize, but it is fun to see their personalities (which match their costumes) really shine!

Garrett with his constant need to get into boxes or small toys, makes me think of a cat always trying to get into small spaces!

Check out Holden man, who recently learned to walk, so now he is finally chasing around both brothers!!

And let's not forget about this adorable, lovable boy:

What fall trip would be complete without pumpkins?  So we did just that and what an experience it was!

Well that is all for the moment, I will leave you with a picture of Corbin waving good-bye on his carriage ride (no worries, he only looks cute and innocent, apparently this was right before he started throwing hay at the other riders).

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