Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favorites # 12

1. Vintage Richmond Picture ($27): I love this print and love the colors in it!
2. PLAID puffer vest ($25): No surprise I love a good puffer vest, but freakin' plaid!  How great can things get?
3. Red Kitchenaid Professional Mixture ($289):  So, I am always crushing on a kitchenaid and this is a fabulous price on it if you are in the market for one for Christmas gifts, the only draw back is you can only get the red or the silver one!
4. I'm Thankful for printable (FREE):  A free Thanksgiving printable, perfect for Turkey dinner with the family!  There are a few others on that website too if you are in the mood to make a themed Thanksgiving dinner!
5. PLAID Toms shoes ($54): Wait, did I tell you how much I love plaid?  If not, then you should figure it out by now cause who would not love these perfect winter Tom shoes??  Perfect for Christmas morning!

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