Thursday, November 6, 2014

Hair Tutorial

Per Anna's request, I did her hair the other night ago and she suggested a tutorial on my blog, so here you go:

Step 1: Start far over on the opposite side and begin a french braid toward the back of the head.

 Step 2: Continue the braid all the way to the middle of the back of the head and continue until you read the end of the hair you are currently working with.  Tie off the end

Step 3: Create a low ponytail with the hair from the remaining side in the middle of the back of the head.

Step 4.  Wrap the braided section of hair around the low ponytail, making sure to tuck the end of the braid in first, so this part is not visible.  Then secure with a number of bobbin pins in place.

Step 5: You may need to tuck in a few pieces that are poking out with some hair spray, but when you are finished you will have a quick, easy do that is out of your face but also looks nicer than just a regular ponytail!

Enjoy!  Special thanks to Anna for being an exemplary model and willing participant!

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