Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cruise Day 1

So I have really left you all hanging from my last post like 10 days ago!  Well we boarded the Oasis of the Seas on November 15th for our 7 days aboard our new home!  Obviously we spent the first day going from floor to floor to see what the ship had to offer and needless to say, we were impressed.  Feel free to live vicariously through my pictures:

Bonnie's favorite part of the ship was The Boardwalk, complete with a small carousel (which she then wanted to go on all the time)...

The carousel with all the balcony rooms in the background!

Also on the boardwalk was a Johnny Rockets restaurant--Mom's favorite, can you just see the glee in this picture:

One of the 7 distinct neighborhoods was "Central Park," not nearly as big as the real life one but equally as leafy :)

Around 4:30 that day was the "Sail-away," which we celebrated with some drinks and watched the 7--SEVEN!!!! ships in port leave one by one, I think we were 5th in line, so we saw a few go out before us...

The boardwalk was also home to the water show, which we had reservations for our first night on board.  The show was called  "Oasis of Dreams" and featured divers, synchronized swimmers and acrobats!  In the picture below, those two high points near the top of the anchor were platforms that divers dove off of into the tiny pool below, a whopping 60 feet (while the boat was moving no less)!!!  I found a video that someone else recorded of one of the divers making the dive!  It was an incredible first day!

Next up: Port #1 (Bahamas!)

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