Monday, December 22, 2014

Cruise Port 1: Bahamas

Our first port of call was Nassau in the Bahamas, since my mom and I have both spent a week in Paradise Island, we did not book any excursions and instead just did what we knew best--took the taxi boat over to the island, looked around and got our go to ice cream at Ben & Jerry's!  

Our ship (left) compared to another one in port!  


Love the Palm trees there!

Glass Sculpture inside Atlantis

Traditional Ben & Jerry's cone!

We had a beautiful day but an early port and an early departure (2pm!), so we made an early day of it and headed back to the ship for lunch and to see the play, Cats!

Our ship is far right in this photo, there were a LOT of boats in port that day!

The stage of Cats

At intermission, they had one cat stay on stage so people could get pictures with him.

Since it was such an early day and an early play, we made it out in time to see the beautiful sunset!  In my opinion nothing beats a Caribbean Sunset!

Stay tuned for Port #2: St. Thomas!

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  1. Your ship is enormous!!! All the other ones look like tiny boats next to yours.