Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Cruise Port 2: St. Thomas

Well after the Bahamas, we actually had a day at sea before we made it to St. Thomas.  On our very first cruise as a family, we went to St. Thomas and did a half day snorkel and booze cruise (which left most of the King family hung over) so we opted for something a little less crazy and just did a beach day complete with a complimentary drink!  It was an overcast day so the tanning was not all that great, but Bons and I both got some reading in and enjoyed the scenic drive!

It is easy to see the Dutch influence!

Beautiful water--I love all the shades in this picture

On the way back to the ship we got to enjoy a scenic drive on Skyline drive and a stop at the overlook.  It was beautiful to get a view from up high!

I think there were 4 ships (or more) in port that day!

And because it never gets old, here is a picture of our ship next to another ship in port!

We enjoyed the sun and sand while in St. Thomas and really enjoyed all the relaxing that we were afforded while on this cruise!  Stay tuned for Port 3: St. Martin...

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