Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Life, of late...

This blog has always been a snippet of my life as a whole and the quietness recently is only reflective of my current life.  Those closest to me know all the inner workings of where my life is and has been lately, but in general it has been a crazy whirlwind of family drama that has forced me to slow down and rest in the quietness of Jesus.  So what does that mean for my blog?  Well obviously it means a severe lack of posts in the last month!  As things have fallen into a place a little and life has calmed down some, it seems fitting to get back into writing.  I have found a lot of comfort lately in this verse:

Well it seems that the Lord does and always has known what He is doing, but of course, I am a person that likes to know the plan, the strategy and how to work towards an endpoint.  When in reality we are not guaranteed perfectly tied up packaged with a beautiful bow on top (gosh how I love those beautiful bows). Reality is that life is messy, dirty, unorganized and real, so this should come as no surprise to me!  So when recent events transpired, my first instinct was to be mad at God for allowing pain and brokenness into my family, I know shocking!  But we are living in an entire world of brokenness and pain and I have been lucky to have avoided a vast majority of that my entire life.  Do I have food to eat?  YES!  Do I have a warm place to live?  YES!  Do I have clothes in my closet, money in the bank and friends and family that love and support me?  YES, YES and HECK YES!  I am blessed beyond measure and all I could think about was how "bad" my life is.  Well this past year has been one of trials and tribulations, but also one of immense love and support from those around me, so I am choosing to buck up, pray more, see the positive, and rejoice in blessings, because they are everywhere!

Don't get me wrong, I am sure there will be days when I am feeling sorry for myself and days when I complain, but this relationship that we call Christianity is not a perfect one, it is an ongoing dialogue between me and my maker and that gets messy sometimes, but I know the Lord has the perfect plan for me and my life and when He calls out to me, I don't want to be too hung up on myself and my problems to listen.  I have found so many AH-MAZING pins lately (seriously, what did we do before pinterest?), but these are just a few of the ones that are keeping me inspired lately!

Most journeys are not walked alone, and I am so thankful for the friends and family that have offered calls of support, been a car ride companion, sent sunshine packages up to me, mailed cards, sent text messages, offered hugs, love and support throughout the last few weeks!  You all know who you are and please know I am always ready to return the favor when the tables are turned (though I never wish that on anyone)!  

Well enough of the sappiness and self-exploration, we will get back to the regularly scheduled blog content, hopefully this week :)

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