Thursday, March 19, 2015

February Revisited

My phone has been hoarding pictures again so I figured it was time for a life update/picture dump all in one!   You may remember I actually did post about my trip to Norfolk to celebrate Tiffie's birthday.  Well let's see what else has been going on....

Brutus has been cute, as always and so I snapped this curious picture of him!  

I chaperoned the youth retreat at my church at Camp Willow Run, what fun we had:

The whole group before we headed back home

Was able to spend some quality time with this cutie (Emily's baby):
Me and Caleb

Went bowling for Family Fun Night (and lost so poorly against these players):
Bowling League Champion

High Powered Bowling Champion

And cuddled up for the last of the cold weather with these cuties;

I am so optimistic that the winter is over and we are only brighter and more sunny days!  What all have you been up to recently lovely readers?  Have you been enjoying the beautiful weather as much as I have?

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