Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tiffany's birthday weekend

Let's all try to ignore the fact that it has been almost a month since we went to Norfolk to celebrate Tiffie's birthday and just appreciate the cute nephew pictures!  Okay?  okay, we are agreed!  The Bons and I went down February 7th weekend to see the kiddos and to celebrate my favorite sister!  Despite the cold temperatures, it was a wonderful weekend, as always, when I get to play with these kiddos!  

But enough background, let's get to the real fun, the pictures:

Corbin and me making silly faces!

Corbin and Mommy reading time!

A lesson in Static

Garrett's "I'm so over this" face

Twinning at it's finest!  

Corbin and I decorated cookies and he wanted me to label his!

Got ONE birthday present picture all weekend!

Captain Holden

Auntie La la caved and gave him 75 cents to ride this motorcyle!

Garrett has an adorable monkey backpack, Hello cuteness!

Why hello there!

Corbin and I built a tall marble run

Holden was all smiles

A momma and her 3 boys!

Corbin as a spider at the Zoo

Warning: Dangerous Animal!

Corbin with his favorite animal, the giraffe 
What a fun weekend we had!  I enjoyed spending lots of quality time with Corbin (who switches from who he prefers--Gaga or Lala, this was a Lala weekend in case you could not tell). It is also so fun to see the twins really growing and expanding their little brains, every time I see them, they are capable of more and more so its a fun age for me!  I think their mom would think the fun age will be when they all sleep through the night! ;)

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