Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our Trip in Numbers

If you have been following this blog for awhile, you may remember two years ago, my friend CJ and I took a roadtrip and survived the 10 days in the car together, so we thought, why not do it again?!?  Spoiler Alert--we still survived.  Last time I did a trip in numbers review, so I thought it would be fun to something similar this time....

Our 2015 Trip in Numbers

* 68,000 pounds of steel bat that make up the world's largest bat at the Louisville Slugger Museum
* 2,973 miles driven
* 1,120 feet below the ground to see Ruby Falls
* 630 feet in the air to see views from the Gateway Arch
* 260 animals at the Tupelo Buffalo Park (where we got to feed Buffalo, Zebra, Camel & horses)
* 50--the number of states that CJ has now been to
* 36--the number of states I have now been to
* 17ish hours of books on CD
* 13.8 acres at Elvis' Graceland Estate
* 12 states
* 6 samples of Tennessee Moonshine

* 3 different World's Fair sites
* 2 rental cars
* 1 new tire
* 0 Elvis sightings :(
* Limitless memories!

Friday, April 10, 2015

National Sibling Day

I am so thankful for great siblings, I got it made with one sister, Tiffany and one brother, Andy!  

All these pictures have taught me is that:
1. We need more pictures together as siblings
2. We like to drink, like a lot
3. We have so much fun
4. Andy, you look so cute without a beard!

And because I have an awesome brother-in-law in Josh, he gets an honorable mention here at the end!


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter this year really snuck up on me!  Probably because I celebrated with Tiffany, Josh and the Kiddos a few weeks before hand.  But that does not make this most awesome holiday any less fun.  It is so great to spend this holiday with friends and family alike (though I only got pictures of the friends--whoops), but more than anything, it is wonderful to celebrate with a body of believers, who understand the immense sadness (celebrated on Good Friday) to the awesome joy of the risen Lord (Easter Sunday).  What a great and loving God we serve that he should give his son to pay the ultimate price for us--it makes it so much great than Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and adorable dresses.  

But since I am only able to capture the cute dresses and Easter egg hunts on my camera, let's check out some of those pictures, shall we?

Kristi and Mike were so great to open up their house for lunch after Easter service and we were able to sit down and enjoy a meal together!  We were also incredible blessed with beautiful weather, which made for some epic photo ops....

Adorable Bethany

Kristi, Bethany and Mike

"Lala" with Ms. Bethany

CJ with Ms. Bethany

An awesome google awesome picture!

Swinging fun

Libbie was the only one collecting Easter eggs, but she was awesome at it!

Jessica, Nathaniel, Rob and Libbie

Hokie Friends
Well there you have it, all that is missing was the chocolate bunnies!  What did you spend your Easter doing?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

A day in the life of a family of 5: Norfolk Edition!

March 20-22nd weekend, I went down to Norfolk to spend a fun weekend with the kiddos!  Though the weather was not as warm as it has been lately, we still were able to be outside a lot, including a trip to the zoo, the park and an Easter egg hunt!  It has been so cute to watch these little guys grow up so much over the years and it is fun that they are really developing the sibling love and rivalry that I so much love from my childhood!  Let's get onto the cuteness...

Twinning at its finest--can you guess who is who?

Holden giving off his cutest smile ever!

Garrett LOVES the swing!

While Holden loves to climb and explore!

As is almost always the case, I never go down there empty handed and they have grown to love my banana muffins, so that has almost become a staple when I come!  Here is Holden enjoying the last bit of a muffin!

Then as promised the Easter egg hunt, which basically went like this, Corbin finds eggs, shakes them to find out if there is candy or not and chucks them back in the yard "for the babies" if they are empty.
egg searching

Found one!

Can you spot the eggs?

Corbin did!

Look Holden found one!

Corbin giving Garrett a "hug" aka a headlock!

While mom and dad went to Costco with the twins, Corbin and I got some time at the park, where Corbin kept doing this over and over again at our "tea" party: 
He is pretending that the tea is putting him to sleep!

there was sliding!
 After awhile at the park we went to Doumar's for dinner, where Corbin got a hot dog sandwich and I got BBQ and a limeaid--YUM!

On Sunday we decided to trek out to the zoo, three adults, three children, should be easy enough, right?
Corbin "climbing" on the rocks

A momma and her three little cubs watching the gorilla!

Just monkeying around!

Corbin with his favorite animal, the giraffe
 And then everyone started melting down....
A real life example of why three adults may still not be enough when screaming kids are involved....

Do what you gotta do!

Overall, it was a wonderful, yet tiring visit!  I have no idea how Tiffany and Josh do it every single day, all I can say is I wish I had the energy of a 4 year old!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!

So, I thought I had scheduled this to post yesterday, but apparently I never hit publish, so here it is a day late :)

Pop, Six, Squish...

Back in mid-march, Anna, CJ and I went to see Chicago at the Altria Theater!  Well we were in for a surprise when we arrived at our seats...IN THE FRONT ROW!  We knew we were close but we were not sure how close until we were literally about 3 feet from the stage.  It was quite the experience!  

Front Row Ladies

Now, we just have to decide what we are going to see next??

P.S., if you did not get the title reference you should probably watch this!