Thursday, April 9, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter this year really snuck up on me!  Probably because I celebrated with Tiffany, Josh and the Kiddos a few weeks before hand.  But that does not make this most awesome holiday any less fun.  It is so great to spend this holiday with friends and family alike (though I only got pictures of the friends--whoops), but more than anything, it is wonderful to celebrate with a body of believers, who understand the immense sadness (celebrated on Good Friday) to the awesome joy of the risen Lord (Easter Sunday).  What a great and loving God we serve that he should give his son to pay the ultimate price for us--it makes it so much great than Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies and adorable dresses.  

But since I am only able to capture the cute dresses and Easter egg hunts on my camera, let's check out some of those pictures, shall we?

Kristi and Mike were so great to open up their house for lunch after Easter service and we were able to sit down and enjoy a meal together!  We were also incredible blessed with beautiful weather, which made for some epic photo ops....

Adorable Bethany

Kristi, Bethany and Mike

"Lala" with Ms. Bethany

CJ with Ms. Bethany

An awesome google awesome picture!

Swinging fun

Libbie was the only one collecting Easter eggs, but she was awesome at it!

Jessica, Nathaniel, Rob and Libbie

Hokie Friends
Well there you have it, all that is missing was the chocolate bunnies!  What did you spend your Easter doing?

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