Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our Trip in Numbers

If you have been following this blog for awhile, you may remember two years ago, my friend CJ and I took a roadtrip and survived the 10 days in the car together, so we thought, why not do it again?!?  Spoiler Alert--we still survived.  Last time I did a trip in numbers review, so I thought it would be fun to something similar this time....

Our 2015 Trip in Numbers

* 68,000 pounds of steel bat that make up the world's largest bat at the Louisville Slugger Museum
* 2,973 miles driven
* 1,120 feet below the ground to see Ruby Falls
* 630 feet in the air to see views from the Gateway Arch
* 260 animals at the Tupelo Buffalo Park (where we got to feed Buffalo, Zebra, Camel & horses)
* 50--the number of states that CJ has now been to
* 36--the number of states I have now been to
* 17ish hours of books on CD
* 13.8 acres at Elvis' Graceland Estate
* 12 states
* 6 samples of Tennessee Moonshine

* 3 different World's Fair sites
* 2 rental cars
* 1 new tire
* 0 Elvis sightings :(
* Limitless memories!

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