Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Favorites #17

A random round up of things I am loving lately and some good Spring clothing staples...

1. Flavia Flamingo ($24):  Okay so I absolutely could not justify buying this for myself, but I feel like this is the most adorable stuffed animal for little kids--seriously how often do you find stuffed flamingos??
2. Vintage Hair Bows ($10): I picked up the minty one myself at the Spring Badda Bing a few weeks back and love it!  They are vintagey/feminine fabrics but also seem incredible durable!  So cute!
3. Ramble Tunic ($35): I have not yet bought this but have been contemplating it for a few weeks, it is just so cute and looks sooooo comfortable, plus it would pair so well with a pair of black pixie pants....
4. Pixie Pants (starting at $17): So I have a pair in Navy and love love love them.  They fit really well, and are way more comfortable than you would imagine.  Which is just the type of work pant I want!  If I ever get my hands on a pair of black ones, I might have totally transformed my normal strictly dress work attire for pants!!
5. Hello Cards (Free): Everyone loves getting mail just cause, these are the perfect little note cards for just that purpose!  Plus at a cost of nothing, how can you pass them up?

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