Monday, May 11, 2015

Road Trip day 1 & 2

Almost exactly two years to the day we left, we were on our way on our 2nd road trip.  In 2013 CJ and I left on April 19th, this year we left on April 17th.  In 2013 we were in the airport at 4am, in 2015, we left mid day from work.  We were already doing better this time around!  

Plus if you ask me, all great road trips should start right here.....

We arrived in Blacksburg in time for dinner at my favorite place, Slouvaki and then picked up our stuff for the 3.2 walk the next day.  Amanda graciously let us crash at her place Friday night, so after dinner we headed back there!  We were up relatively early on Saturday but it was so worth it to be able to join together with other hokies to remember the 32 victims!

Obligatory Burruss Hall picture

I asked Kyle to hold my purse while we took the picture.  He is such a great little helper!

Sarah & Matt

Of course we had to grab a quick picture with the Hokie Bird...

32 white balloons for the 32 victims!  (in the background)

getting ready to go through the tunnel

touching the Hokie stone!

Torgersen Bridge

War Memorial

The finish line!

Better picture at the starting line with the 32 white balloons

Kyle and me!

Giant Hokie balloons

After the "race" we walked over to Main street for the Blacksburg Chocolate Festival!  It was totally amazing and made for such an incredible day!  We grabbed some pictures with the Hokie bird art around town!

Then on our way out of town we stopped at Carol Lee Donuts, so I could pick up the famous donuts (I swear 4 years of college and one would think I would have gone there before now). Then we got on the road toward Cincinnati after saying goodbye to Amanda and Sarah!

Quick stop in West Virginia...

West Virginia Capitol
 After stopping only briefly in Charleston, we made our way to Cincinnati and stayed the night with some of CJ's friends.

They gave us the real Cincinnati experience including a local pizza place and Cincinnati Chili.  Three states down, 9 more to go, so stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. What did you think of the Cincinnati Chili? Dean was born in Cincinnati and LOVES the stuff!