Thursday, May 14, 2015

Road Trip Day 4

Well the pace started to pick up from here on out.  We were on the move and had places to go and things to see.  We started off the morning at the Kentucky Derby Museum, along with about 4 buses full of children on class field trips, the start of what I like to refer to as the week of field trips.  I think every teacher must be like, so the week after spring break is awful, why don't we just plan some trips so I don't have to be in the classroom with these crazy kids all week?  Lucky for us, we got to share every museum from here on out with bus-loads of children.  Yet another reassurance that teaching was not the career for me!

Everyone must wear beautiful hats to the Derby!
 After leaving the museum and the racetrack (where we saw them setting up for the Derby), we made our way to a unique little store called "Why Lousiville"

Then we got in the car and headed on our way, passing into Indiana first...

Where we went about 30 miles out of our way to visit Santa Claus, Indiana!  (You thought I was kidding when I spoke of Mr. Claus sightings in my other post?)

America's Christmas Hometown

Had to get a picture with the sign
 Yet another Santa spotting....

and another....

My only disappointment in Santa Claus was that nothing was open, no stores, no Holiday World (oh this is a thing), nothing, since the season does not really start opening up for another couple of weeks!

Well after an ever so brief side trip, we were back in the car and passed into Illinois.  One thing to note is that everywhere out there wants to claim Lincoln.  We have Illinois--the Land of Lincoln, Indiana--Lincoln's Boyhood Home, and Kentucky--Birthplace of Abraham Lincoln.  There is a lot of Lincoln pride going on over there.

Since we had visited Illinois on our last road trip, we did not even bother stopping, just snapped a picture of the sign as we drove through the state.  We finally arrived in Missouri late afternoon and stopped by Forest Park in St. Louis.

Forest Park is a really beautiful park.  Last trip, we made our way to the St. Louis Zoo, one of my favorite zoo's and it is unbelieveably free!  But this time we stuck to walking around the park (the zoo is actually within the park), and took in the scenes and information from the 1904 World's Fair that was held in St. Louis.  The below picture is from the World's Fair Pavilion.

The flowers were gorgeous
 After our walk, we made our way to Imo's Pizza for dinner.  We enjoyed St. Louis style pizza before calling it a night and making it back to the hotel.

Our hotel was right near the Gateway Arch, so we snapped a few pictures and walked around the "downtown" area.

Night View from our hotel balcony
After enjoying the beauty of the city, we called it a night.  Stay tuned for my many MANY pictures of the Gateway Arch tomorrow!

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