Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Food, Festivals and Farm Animals

CJ and I exclaimed 2015 the year of the festivals and thus far we have been hitting a few up and July has been no exception.  Despite the rainy day, we managed to hit up the tail end of the Hanover Tomato Festival.  And came home with about 10 pounds of tomatoes--I have thoroughly been enjoying those!  

Super Big Tomato!

Of course, with rain comes rainbows and I thought this one was exceptionally pretty...

Brutus being ever so cute as always...

Then July 18th was the Pork, Peanut and Pine Festival in Surry, VA.  Of course I was drawn to the farm animals (like a moth to a flame, people, I tell ya)...

This particular pig ate peanuts, shell and all!

There was a cute little parade, with the King and Queen of the festival (how cute are these kids?)

Peanut Pie....

Then on the way home, we decided to stop off near Williamsburg for a wine tasting, so we got to take the Surry ferry over to Jamestown.

And ended the weekend with a wine tasting at Saude Creek, where I obviously spent more time petting the cute doggie than actually tasting wine :)

Do you have any festivals that you would recommend for the "year of the festivals?"

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