Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Let Freedom Ring...

Even though July 4th was a long weekend, I still found myself in town for a change of pace (which was super nice!)  So I put on my blue shorts, white shirt, and red shoes and did what any other American would....

Posed for a picture with Abraham Lincoln!

The neighborhood next to ours does a small family style Fourth of July parade and live music, so Bons, CJ (who was in route to the beach) and myself went to watch it and of course when presented with Abraham Lincoln--who would say no to a picture with him?  (Well actually Bons said no, but that is what it is!)

After getting home, I quickly got my car and headed off to meet up with Anna.  She had invited me to come with her to hear Patrick Henry's reenactment of the Give me Liberty or Give me Death speech at the Historic St. John's Church!  It was toasty as we were waiting in line, but it was definitely worth checking out.

Beautiful Stain Glass inside
 Afterward,we could not resist getting a picture with more presidents and historic figures:

Me, "George Washington," "Patrick Henry," and Anna

Me, "Thomas Jefferson," and Anna

The chance of storms was high so I did not venture out for fireworks, but instead enjoyed a low key night in.  Then on Sunday, Bons and I traveled up to Fredericksburg to see the Whitman's and enjoy a pool day and cook out!
Me and Meagan trying to be twins!
 I even made some Patriotic cookies for the occasion:

Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Fourth of July!

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