Thursday, August 27, 2015

August happenings

It is absolutely crazy how quickly this summer has flown by!  I find it hard to believe we are a mere 4 days away from September!  WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!?!?

Anyway, before August gets away from us, let me update you on a few of the smaller August happenings....

A Richmond staple and not to be complete without a picture of beautiful, juicy watermelon!  YUM!

LL BEAN is coming to Richmond, so the bootmobile was there giving out coupons and allowing for pictures with it!

Before the season was over with, I felt it had to be done!  We picked the best game ever--Tie-dyed t-shirt night for the Grateful Dead.  So we arrived at 5:40 (gates opened at 5:30) and guess what?  ALL THE SHIRTS WERE GONE!  So sad, but we did get this epic Nutsy picture, where he is attempting to eat me sunglasses??!?!?

Not to be out-done by the bacon festival, BBQ must have its own and the BREW-B-Q was perfect!  Yummy new offering from Bold Rock (a cider IPA--delicious!)

The wolfpack got together for a night to celebrate Ms. Emily's birthday at none other than P.F. Chang's!  Always a grand time with these 3 ladies!  
Emily blowing out her candle!

Waaaaaaaaaaay back in May, I gave Bons tickets to see Frankie Valli at the Altria Theater, knowing full well the show was not until August.  So after a long wait we finally got to go and he did NOT disappoint!  His voice is still as wonderful as ever and nothing brings the house down like a bunch of baby boomers singing and dancing!

Maybe one of the reasons I am always so sad to see August ends is because my birthday is done and over, but not without a few celebrations!  On Wednesday of last week, I met Kristi and Bethany for lunch

Then that evening, my bible study fixed dinner and cookie cake for my birthday!   My favorite!

On Thursday, I celebrated with Andy and Mom at Bellytimber with some good food, good drinks and good family!

Stay tuned for a post about how I really went crazy for my birthday and did it up right at Southside Speedway!  What all did you do in August?  Are you sad to see summer end too?

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