Monday, August 24, 2015

Belated birthday celebration

The last weekend in July, Amanda, Erica and I all traveled north to spend the weekend with Scarie and to celebrate her birthday, SUPER LATE!  But honestly who doesnt love a birthday celebration that goes on for a month and a half?  

Party Hats!

We had lunch at lunch at one of our favorite places there, Golden West Cafe, and of course it did not disappoint!

Then spent some time walking around Hampden, getting our picture outside Cafe Hon and snapping a few photos in Throv!

What do 4 thiry-somethings do when we see a playground?  Hope on the swings, OBVIOUSLY!

Birthday Girl!

Beautiful mural

One Hot Selfie!

Love these ladies!

Erica had to head off for a race, but Sara and Amanda and I decided to see a movie, so we went to check out Magic Mike.  Though the movie was not super wonderful, comments from the crowd make it #worthit!  And of course this precious Minions photo was a Framer!

Peanut loved having all the extra company and did not end up clawing Amanda's eyes out!

Nothing beats a hug Amanda til she is super uncomfortable!!!

Until next time....

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