Monday, August 31, 2015

Birthday Festivities

If you have been following along for years (and lets face it, since my blog followers include my friends and mom--Hi Mom! and sister--Hi Tiffany! and aunt--Hi Aunt Betty!) you probably have been.  You may know that I enjoy a good race (here, here and here) at Southside Speedway.  Well for my 32 (wait! how did that happen?!?!) birthday, there happened to be a race at our favorite short track in VA!  So I decided instead of a fancy dinner to celebrate (ahem--last year we did Buffalo Wild Wings), I wanted to go to the track with as many friends as I could muster!  Well my friends came through and we had a fantastic time!

Kathryn, Sara, Jeff, and CJ

BEAUTIFUL night for racing!

me and Anna (she even provided the camo hats)

Even Gary Bear made it!

My cousin Matt made an appearance too!

Kevin, Emily, me, Courtney and Scott

Most of the gang--wait there is someone else in there--LILA!

It happened to be meet and greet, Gary and I got our picture with one of the female drivers:

How adorable are these cute little cars?  Even 9 year olds can race them...

Saturday after the race, I took Gary and Sara around Richmond.  Gary had driven through but never really seen the city, so we went to a few hot spots, here we are at Hollywood Cemetery, overlooking the James River:

Sara points out Elizabeth Monroe's (Jame's Monroe's wife) measly grave site, right next to....

James Monroe's grave and "birdcage"

Sara and me:

Unfortunately Sara and Gary had to head out of town early Saturday afternoon, but fortunately for me, the parties did not stop there!  Emily and Kevin's little one turned ONE on the 20th, so they celebrated with food, family and friends!

Three generations:

Birthday Cake (which he obviously loved):

CJ and Caleb:

All in all, it was a great way to spend a birthday!  Surrounded by people that I love!  Thanks to everyone that helped make my birthday special!

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