Thursday, August 20, 2015

Nephews take over Richmond...

The first week in August, Richmond got a few cute visitors for the week.  Tiffie came in town and brought the boys along with her!  I met them on their way into town at our favorite place!  The super tiny merry go-round at Chesterfield Towne Center.  One Dollar has never bought as much happiness as this magically carousel!  



Corbin, the daredevil, with only one hand on the wheel!

Not to be out-done.  On Wednesday morning, I took the morning off work and Tiffany and I braved the crowd that is Short Pump mall to go to the newly open Children's Museum out there!  This was going to be a dual trip, because while she was playing with two kids, me and one twin were going to head to Build a Bear to create bedtime snuggle buddies for their birthday!

Holden channeling his inner farmer on the tractor!

He also wanted to try his hand at cooking!  

So, Garrett, generally the easier (read: less Mommy-attached) child was first up for stuffed animal making.  But alas about 10 minutes in, he was done and wanted to go back to find momma and bubba!  So I did not get any sweet pictures of him and his new friend (until nap time in the car).  But Holden was loving every minute of the experience.  He picked out a cute doggie and we even got to add a bark sound to him!  Afterward, he sort of posed for me to get a picture of him and his new buddy!

What else should we do after lunch time than to ride the little train--it looked fun enough, right?  Well after Tiffie, me and the three kids loaded into one car (what were we thinking?), we realized maybe we should have allowed for some breathing room on a day when it was in the 90's outside.

I think this picture perfectly explains my love of the kiddie train at Short Pump:

Luckily for us, we successfully wore the kids out and we had two sleeping by the time we made the 30 minute drive home!

It was off to work for me for a couple of hours before coming back home for a evening walk/Popsicle treat to the playground!

Gaga got a little snuggle time before everyone called it bedtime Wednesday night!

Thursday morning, they were up and at 'em!  Before another fun morning at the jump house with Gaga.

Then I got to meet them for a quick Chick Fil A lunch before they headed back to Norfolk.  Not too worry though, in less than 36 hours, Bons and I were on our way to Norfolk for a birthday celebration for some pretty sweet 2 year olds (stay tuned for that update).

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