Wednesday, September 23, 2015

N.E. Road Trip, Day 5

Well we started off another full day at the Von Trapp Lodge.  We had plans to "sleep in," but to us that is usually only like 8am, so we were  up and moving pretty early again!  So we made a quick stop at Cold Hollow for some apple cider donuts (and maybe a quick photo op)--DELISH!!!

Then we stopped at Cabot cheese to pick up some more of that great Vermont cheese to enjoy on our trip.  This has been a great tradition since we did the Wisconsin cheese trail a few years back.  We stop to get cheese and crackers for lunches along the way.  And we ultimately found some of the best cheeses ever this way.  My bible study will agree with us on the Alpine Cheddar, as they all tasted it last week (p.s. for all you Richmonders, your local Food Lion likely stocks it, if you wanna give it a try)!

Then we were able to meet up with my sweet friend, Heather and her family in Burlington.  They moved up a few years back and though I get to see them every once in awhile in Richmond (when they are visiting family), it is nice to see them in there stomping grounds too and great to see Mr. Connor growing up!  We had lunch/brunch at The Skinny Pancake, which I HIGHLY recommend!

After we parted ways with them, we went to tour Magic Hat Brewery....

 ...hit up Fat Toad Farm for some delicious caramel (here I am with the goats that they use the milk from to make the caramel)....

 ...then it was on the road again, this time to New Hampshire!

And of course in New England you gotta see Lighthouses:

And old Homes....

And boats by the water.....

Then we got into Maine!!!!

And stopped at the 24/7 LL Bean Flagship store:

After a little shopping experience, we went to Boothbay Harbor, this adorable fishing town in Maine.  We decided to have a nice long (long enough to watch the sun go down) dinner and to get our picture with this epic Fisherman statute....

Of course google had to make a video of my sunset experience:

Simply beautiful:

On our way back to the car, I was trying to re-do the picture from earlier (since Amanda told me I had a tree coming out of my head) and while CJ was taking the picture, a sweet lady crossed the street and offered to take it for us!  Seriously we met so many sweet, nice people like that on this trip!  Made me fall in love with New England!

Small town, USA:

Day 6 has at least one lobster sighting....


  1. WOOHOO! I made it in your blog!! :-)

    1. of course you did :) I loved seeing you all :)