Monday, September 28, 2015

N.E. Road Trip Day 6

Day 6 we finally set foot in the cold cold water of New England!  We drove through Kennebunkport and stopped by for a little foot dip in the ocean water!

Then, because why not, we stopped in to see the world's largest chocolate moose!  Who even knew things like this exist...

We decided to use some extra time before our Lobster boat excursion to go on a short Narrow Gauge train ride.

After walking around the town of Portland, we headed over to the dock to get on the boat and I loved this lock bridge that we saw:

This was not a simple excursion, you have to do work, so we got these sporty outfits:

The boat takes you out to various traps around, so you get to see the traps hauled up, and help re-bait them before dropping them down and then helping to band the lobsters.  It was cool to get a first hand account of what a day in the life of a lobster man was like!  And of course you could buy lobster right off the boat, so when in Maine, right?

Here is Larry our Lobster.  I really really wanted to release him back into the wild after we had bought him but CJ was right, we needed to try lobster, so...

We did!  And in case you cant tell from my face, I was not in love...

Thumbs down for the lobster for me, but at least I can say I have done it...oh and next time, I would definitely release one into the wild!  Totally worth the $6!

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