Friday, September 11, 2015

Our trip in Numbers

CJ and I are really perfecting our road trippin' skills, and since I did a road trip in numbers for our trip in April and our trip two years ago, I figured, I would follow suit again for our most recent trip to New England....

Our #roadtrip2015NEstyle in numbers:
* 125,339 square feet is the gross area of the Breakers Mansion in Rhode Island 
* 1,700 pounds of chocolate to make Lenny the Chocolate Moose in Maine
* 1,523 miles driven in our teeny tiny little Chevy Spark!
* 300+ Gingerbread style houses on Martha's Vineyard
* 93 rooms at the Von Trapp Family Lodge where we stayed in Stowe, VT
* 70+ rooms in the Breakers Mansion in Newport, RI, where I would have liked to stayed but they wouldn't let me :(
* 40 --the number of states I have now been to!
* 14 foot tall statue of Horton from Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who
* 12 foot tall PEZ dispenser at the PEZ welcome center in Connecticut
* 8 lobster traps we helped to haul in Maine
* 6 states visited on this trip
* 5 humpback whales that we saw on our whale watching excursion
* 4 the number of PEZ dispensers I got at PEZ welcome center
* 3 different types of Cabot Cheese (plus two more from Grafton Village)
* 2 suitcases that barely fit in the trunk of our car
* 1 camel ride on a camel named Goliath!
* 0 actual moose sightings :(
* Limitless memories!

Stay tuned for a plethora of pictures in the post to come...

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