Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Road Trip Day 1-3

So, if you saw my post from a couple of days ago, you may have surmised that CJ and I did yet another road trip. This time to New England.  We planned out our trip, this time with waaaaaaaaay less miles and a couple less days, and decided to fly into Boston and rent a car from there.  So Tuesday, September 1st after working a busy day, we boarded a plane at 7:15pm and made our way to Massachusetts! We arrived about 9:30 and proceeded to get our rental car and drive to cape cod to spend the night, so really Day 1 of the trip was basically a bust in terms of cool things to do.  In fact by the time we arrived at the Cape, we both just wanted to fall asleep, I think!  

On the plane and ready to go!
 Day 2 started out with an early (think 7am alarm) start so we could get the ferry to Martha's Vineyard!  We got there and did a bus ride around the island and took in some shopping and people watching!

Vineyard Vines on Martha's Vineyard!

Pink Whales!!

After cruising around the island a bit, we made our way to the Gingerbread style houses and walked around to see them!  I instantly feel in love with the cuteness of them all!

After a few hours on the island, we boarded the ferry back to Cape Cod so we could make our way to the:

It is no surprise that CJ has an intense love of Cape Cod Potato Chips, so we had to do the factory tour!  Unfortunately, factory tour is just code for a hallway with windows that you may be able to see stuff through or you may not!  The "tour" of course empties into the gift shop where we got our free mini bag of chips and bought a bunch of bags for the next week on the road!  We eventually made our way back to CJ's parents house for a wonderful dinner and got to spend time with her sister and nephew and the cat on the leash!!

We ended the night with another local favorite, Ice Cream Sandwich, which did not disppoint!

Thursday, we were up early still (only 7:30 this time), to go to see Plimoth Plantation, followed by Plymouth Rock and the Mayflower (replication)!

Picturesque New England Harbour

The Mayflower
 In true fashion, CJ and I were able to accomplish all of that, PLUS the Sandwich Glass Museum before lunch!

 So we meet up with her dad and nephew for lunch at another local favorite, Marshland restaurant, before hitting the road again for my first new state on the trip....


We were able to make an ever-so-brief stop by Hasbro Corporation to get a quick photo op with this guy here:

Then made our way to Newport to see the Breakers before it closed for the day!

The Breakers:

Yeah, I think I would live there!

After our self-guided, audio tour (no pictures allowed), we took a walk down the cliff walk and snapped a few more photos...
 Hello gorgeous gate!

 Then we were once again in the car headed toward Connecticut (my SECOND new state on this trip) for the evening:

We got into town about 8, so we were a little late for the sunset, but still enjoyed a lovely dinner by the water before checking into our first hotel of the trip...
WHEW!  Hope you are keeping up, we are only 2.5 days into this road trip!  Stay tuned for Days 4-9 in the coming days...

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